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History & Staff

Our Story

What we do, and most importantly... why we do it.

Sheffton M. Goodson grew up in funeral service. He began working in his father's funeral home at the age of 5. Starting with washing cars and cleaning bathrooms, over the years he was able to do more and more things, all the while he was learning the business from the ground up.

He always enjoyed helping his father, and once he began meeting with families directly, he knew he had found his calling. 

He became a licensed funeral director in 2015 with the dream of owning his own funeral home. His dream was not just to own his own business, his vision was to create a new kind of funeral experience.

And in 2017, he acted on that dream. He and his wife Darenda purchased property to begin constructing his own funeral home.

In order to meet the level of care families deserve, and being continually guided by our vision and mission, when construction began, we knew our location could not feel like a traditional funeral home, but more like a luxury hotel.

In July 2020, Sheffton and Darenda completed the establishment of their first location in Talladega, Alabama with their purpose and vision guiding every step they take.

We are proud to be a Black Owned Funeral Service Provider, and are honored to serve families of all nationalities, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. Mr. Goodson has instilled his values and compassion into his team members, and stresses that we are here to ease the pain families experience when losing a loved one.

Our Staff

Meet our staff. Members of the local community make everything that happens possible.Together, we make this place amazing.

Mr. Sheffton M. Goodson

Mr. Sheffton M. Goodson

CEO / Licensed Funeral Director
Mrs. Angela Player

Mrs. Angela Player

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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